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              Huafang Xiajin Textile Industrial Park

              Huafang Xiajin Textile Industrial Park was founded in Xiajin County, Shandong, in 2003. The floor area is 1020mu. It is the first large-scale industrial base of Huafang Group in other region. The park mainly engages in raw material proessing, reserve supply, and textile production.

              There are two enterprises including Huafang Xiajin Textile Co., Ltd. and Huafang Xiajin Cotton Co., Ltd. in the park. The textile company has six cotton spinning workshops and one weaving workshop. There are 450,000 cotton spinning spindles. Based on 350 air jet looms, F1508 spinning frame, Saurer air-spun frame, Italy automatic winder, Toyota frame, and other high-grade textile equipment, the company is capable of producing 80,000 tons of combed cotton yarns and 35,000,000 meters of cotton fabrics each year. The cotton company mainly engages in purchasing, processing, storing and marketing cotton. It is equipped with MY-171 cotton gin, 630 lint cleaning machine, and other processing equipment. The annual processing capacity is above 10,000 tons. It can offer high-quality raw materials to textile enterprises.

              Add: Huafang Industrial Park, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xiajin County, Shandong, China
              Tel: +86-534-3685888    Fax: +86-534-3525888

              Huafang Xiajin Textile Co., Ltd.
              Tel: +86-534-3685188    Fax: +86-534-3525888

              Weaving Branch
              Tel: +86-534-3685158    Fax: +86-534-3685096

              Huafang Xiajin Cotton Co., Ltd.
              Tel: +86-534-3685128    Fax: +86-534-3685088

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