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              Huafang Shihezi Textile Co., Ltd.

              Huafang Shihezi Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in national Shihezi Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2006. The floor area is 500mu. The company is a modern cotton spinning enterprise that is established to optimize regional distribution in response to national western development strategy.

              Based on high-quality cotton materials and advanced equipment such as blowing-carding frame, 1520 spinning frame, Murata tray-type automatic winder, imported Lixin yarn steaming machine, the company is capable of producing high-grade combed cotton yarns, air-spun cotton yarn and other products with annual output of 45,000 tons.

              Add: No. 67,Shihezi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China
              Tel: +86-993-2613501                      Fax: +86-993-2613528

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